Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh my aching back!

Long time no post! Well, I got a few workouts in at the JCC over the break.. but hurt myself on one of them. I think I had improper form putting the bar down after a fast clean&jerk set (5x115#) and strained a muscle. It's been getting better slowly, and I've been working around it.

Yesterday's workout would suggest I have no back problem at all... but I am being very careful on form and trying hard to keep the other muscles in shape for best recovery.

kettlebell: 35#
swings, 8 sets descending reps (8,7,6...) each hand
clean& press, 6 sets descending reps
windmills& pistol squats (not many due to back)

dumbell snatches: 4x60# each hand, 2x65# each hand (back only hurts if I bend and do it wrong)

pullups alternating with machine shoulder presses: went alactic, and back and forth between stations. Got up to 5 pullups with 35# on the belt.

Over the holiday break I was not working out so much as usual, so I ate a lot less. I ended up losing a few pounds and am now at 146 (145# right after a workout) I had the fat checked but it is only 8.2%, which is where I was right before Christmas. So I lost muscle and fat in equal proportion... but the good news is I have fewer pounds of fat than ever, and as I ramp back the eating & training I should preferentially build muscle.

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  1. Been wondering where you been. My weight actually went up over the holidays. I hit 153 sometime over the break. Most likely due to a few indulgences. But back on track now. Weight was 149.8 this morning and the caliper check said 10.2%. Still trying to get that abdominal measurement down.