Monday, January 26, 2009

BP back up: WTF???

And this is why we monitor. My blood pressure as measured with my little electronic cuff has jumped up to the 130s over 70s again. This surprises me a lot, since my BP has tracked my weight/fat% very well and at 146 lb / 8.2% I am as light as I've ever been.

There are a few possibilities: of course the measurement could be wrong. I'll verify with my doctor later. I think it's correct, though. If it is, then the top culprits are diet and exercise.

For diet, I may be having too much salt- I eat a lot of nuts these days for the protein. I'll cut that back and see what happens. Also I have not been drinking as much water as I used to after reading about overhydration. Well, maybe I need to actually follow my doctor's advice and drink a lot to control the BP.

Regarding exercise, I will work in some more focused cardio days. I know the EF man isn't supposed to do that, but if it was the paleo days my family line would have died out due to this heart condition anyway... so I'll play the hand I was dealt.

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