Thursday, January 29, 2009

My workout

I wanted to compare my workout and Jeff's , since we did exactly the same workout on Tuesday and maybe both have some effects from it still. I did not exercise yesterday, so I did my sprint-style stuff today (which Jeff hit yesterday), combined with plyo.
  • warmup sprints x3 track laps, some jogs in-between
  • heavy bag: 5x 2 minute rounds. "rest" period in-between, for just as long as I could hold a plank.
  • DB snatches: 25 reps each hand at 50#, each set ~1 minute with ~1 minute rest. Sets: 8(each hand), 7, 5, 5.
Interesting that we both did the DB snatch.

I will be ready to hit weights hard again tomorrow, and have not decided whether to do it 25-rep style or go for a max on some exercises.

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