Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I can touch my toes!

I've been trying not to let the core muscles go too soft whilst rehabbing the back. Today's workout:

Clean and jerk: 55# and 95# ... just to remind myself what the bar feels like
35# kettlebell: descending sets from 8 reps each side: swings,
descending sets from 8 reps each side: clean and press.
descending sets from 5 reps each side: windmills

some incline situps and back extension thingies, then a few minutes of various punishing planks. I did one in a "Jack LaLanne Pushup" position, hands straight out and resting on a BOSU ball. Managed about 20 seconds there. Got 30 seconds on the "Normal Person Puship" position plank, then more inclines. Did 3 minutes unchecked destruction on the heavy bag to close things out.

And at the end, I realized when I reached for the towel I'd dropped - I can touch my toes again!

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