Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today's workout: Feling leaner.

Monday was fencing: yesterday was lactic chest and shoulders:

Today - intervals and plyometrics.

Clean and Jerk: 115# set of 6, then 5, 4, ... 1. Rested between sets, one minute to start and decreasing to 10 seconds by the end.

"L" hangs: I don't know what else to call these. I hang from a bar and stick my legs straight out and try to hold it as long as I can... which is 30 seconds, then 3 more sets at 15 sec each and 15 sec rest in between. Followed immediately by...

Manly Plank: per Theory to Practice by way of Jeff. Managed 45 sec.

Dumbell Cleans: 4 each side at 60#... then a try each side at 70#. I made it on the right! Finished with more @ 60# but not many.

Heavy Bag: Simulated fight: 3x 3 minute rounds with one minute rest.

I weighed under 147 1/2 before the workout - so I'm looking forward to a good number in final caliper check of 2008.

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