Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Workout Catch-All

I could not get to the JCC this weekend - but am finding myself able to improvise more using some of the tools I've learned recently: notably the 25-rep "huge in a hurry" method.

Yesterday I got up with the kids and when my son had gotten on my nerves enough, I invited him to come in the basement and watch me swing the kettlebell. That session was,

20 kg kettlebell:
25 jump squats (in one set)
swings, descending sets, each hand (8,8,7,7,6,6,... 1,1) No rest for this whole sequence. Near wipeout!
25 rep (each hand) clean and press. Roughly, 7+6+6+6.

In the evening, Emjay had a girls' night out and the DVD player is broken, so a good excuse to get in the rest of the work:

DB press, 55#, 25 reps as 7,5,5,4,4
DB chest fly, 35#, reps as 7,6,6,6
"Jack LaLanne" pushups, arms stretched out overhead. 3x10

What I like about the 25 rep method is that I can do it with ONE weight. I do not have a whole rack of dumbells at home, and it's laborious to change weights two or three times for a single exercise. This way I set it once, and I am doing something that gives excellent results.

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  1. I agree about the not having to change weights. That is a nice feature.

    The H in a H book have more variation. Sometimes the weight is really heavy(2-3RM with 15 reps total) and sometimes it is lighter weight(10-12RM with 40 reps total). Both, in addition to the 25 reps with 4-6RM, will provide some variety on the reps/weight instead of keeping on keeping on. I have been doing this somewhat on my "off days" where I do body weight only dips and pull ups, etc.