Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meatheads in the mud, Part II

New neighbors... same inept handling of a motor vehicle.

I'm not even sure why they felt the need to park in the backyard. There was only one car, and plenty of nice asphalt driveway. Maybe this was the same guy Emjay heard scraping the house next door trying to back out? Was he trying to turn the car around so he could nose out instead? We may never know. Perhaps future archaologists who uncover this Toyota Matrix from a fossilized mudhole will be able to put together the forensic evidence, and tell us.

I actually spoke to the guy this morning in the midst of his attempts to free himself.

"Welcome to the mudhole," I said.

"Yeah. Fuckin' ridiculous."

Meaning, 'it is ridiculous that I cannot drive my tiny front-wheel drive car through a mudhole with impunity, for both God and Nature entitle me to do so.'

I let it go at that.


  1. Maybe your next book should be comedy writing. That is frikin funny.

  2. That is just too damn funny. Get the video camera out next time!

  3. Glad you enjoy! Actually I have been compiling notes for a book called, "The Summer we Went to War" - wherein fictional versions of the missus and me deal with the meathead-induced deterioration of their neighborhood. Part of the reason I started this blog is to capture scenes to put in that book- that's also the reason they're not all "completely true".