Wednesday, February 18, 2009

28 minutes of mayhem

I admit it, I paid attention to an infomercial.

It was playing on a TV in the gym yesterday, and it showed a bunch of flabby people turn into cut, lean physical specimens as a result of the program. Ho hum. Another ad targeted to the masses, home waching TV at one in the afternoon. With one exception:

It looked like it could actually work. It looked kind of paleo!

There was a fair amount of timed resistance work and boxing-like drills. I realized watching it that I could go a bit more hard-core. So, I decided to do a series of 4 minute drills today: most were 3 minutes on and one minute rest. I managed seven:

1) Dumbell Snatches: 65# - did about 17 each hand in 3 minutes.
2) Squat Thrusters: with two 20# dumbells. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. Managed about 40 reps total.
3) Heavy bag; 3 minutes.
4) Burpees: 27 reps in 3 minutes.
5) Kettlebell clean and press: 35#, one hand at a time- 40 second on, 20 off, Lost count of reps, but was about 20 each side.
6) KB pushups to row: 35# bells, did pushups holding handles then balanced on one kettlebell while rowing the other. 3 sets of 3 reps each side in 3 minutes.
7) Turkish Get-ups: again 35#, did 5 each side total.

It was a great workout: being on the clock was very helpful. It was a challenge to design a sequence that would not just destroy one part of my body too early, for example my legs.

If I'd had four more minutes, I would have done front squats.

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