Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early abs, and first rejection

My son woke me up early so I did a quick abs workout: 25x toe-supported situps, up fast and down slow. Then 2x24 alternating knees, then a minute each on front, left oblique, and right oblique plank.

Then opened the computer to find my first rejection letter from an agent! I had actually been looking forward to crossing that hurdle. It's a milestone every author has to pass. I expected a rejection from this agent since he reads just the first page of the book before making an initial decision, and my first page was admittedly somewhat weak. But wait!

In chess, you move the weakest piece first... when we lift weights, we concentrate on the weakest muscle... why didn't I deal with this before?!!

So I changed the first page before sending out to another crop of agents. Now instead of painting a picture first of the sky and the sea and then getting into the action, here's the first line:

"It was a magnificent sunset, and since the San Nicola's sailors had nothing better to do than worry about being hanged, they lined the rail to watch it."

Hopefully at least one agent will want to know why they're in mortal danger, and ask for the rest of the book!

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  1. Try "It was a dark and stormy night..."