Thursday, November 20, 2008

Too much for the Hilton

Went to the hotel gym at 6am. I t was clean, new, and too light for me. The biggest dumbells were 50 lb, so I warmed up with those on the flat bench and then tried to get something burning on a pulley machine. It only went up to 150, so I maxed that on lat pulldowns with no trouble. Then, inspired by Jeff, I went asymmetric.

Yes, I licked the Hilton gym with one hand!

I used the pulley machine to continue the chest presses: doing a twist and push one-handed up to 90lb each side. Also used it for pulldowns, etc, going one handed on most exercises. Ended up building a pretty good burn and getting some work on the obliques with all the twisting under load. Finished the set with one-armed pushups and felt pretty well exercised after all.

Then, to work- and I decided to work out again in the real gym over lunch! 15/8/4 squats ending up at 225#, weighted pullups ending up at+15, skullcrushers, jump squats, and finished it all off with snatches. I got 115# up on my last lift- might be a new best, I'll have to check.

I should be pretty well ready to sleep on the flight home!

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