Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inching towards 185#

The extra work on triceps is paying off. Got to 170# on the bench today, also did incline dbells and some back work: close grip lat pulls and weighted pullups. The latter has become one of my favorites. I highly recommend it, it's very functional and works a lot of big muscle groups. Weighting the pullups let's you keep building strength even after you've reached the point you can bust out, say, a dozen pullups unweighted.

No time for a gym workout yesterday,so I did burpees at home before and after work. I did a 12! set in the morning (the ! is for factorial, mind you) and attepted a 20! In the evening. I didn't make it. Collapsed in the set of 14, so I did 20!-14!+4 total. This is close to 12!, not coincidentally.

Had the fat check today and it was 26mm total for 8.7%. I'm a bit disappointed, based on falling weight I was hoping for 8.2. It might be time to cut back on the home fries... Nah!


  1. Glad to hear you are getting closer to 185#. 170# is pretty impressive already.

    As to the caliper measurement, I think there is some variation there. Not to geek out on your, but review your old six sigma docs, oh black belt. Not that 8.7% is shabby at all. You are probably already in the 99.5 percentile on body fat.

    I got to 225# without really lifting that weight often. Doing the 15/8/4's on far lower weight built my strength up through lactic acid and growth hormone, I think. I am also trying out some alactic sets now, but that is hard on dumb bell or barbell bench to do safely.

  2. True, the precision of the caliper measurement is really 1mm, even though Tom quotes half millimeters. Being in the range where the sum of measurements is about 26mm, that imprecision is a significant part of the range.

    I'm intrigued by the alactics... might want to try that next time you and I are in the gym together.