Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A day of bests

Worked out with Jeff today- he lifted yesterday but was still up to go heavy. He bench-pressed 225# in very impressive fashion. That's his weight +50lb, or +28%. Wow. I barely got 165#, which is +18lb / +12%. You can see the difference in our chests, too. So its a good thing my wife has lower standards than Jeff's.

I also got a personal best on the clean and jerk, 150# which is just over my mass. We were watching the olympics at about the same time, I think they were the 120kg guys doing 200kg snatches... so that puts 67 kg me lifting 68kg in perspective. Jeff's psychological help was invaluable:

JEFF: OK, say it.
RICHARD: I do not lift with my arms. He who lifts with his arms has forgotten the face of his father. I lift with my legs.

OK, that was Not True. But I did lift it. Then we did weighted pullups and 5x 1 minutes HARD rounds of boxing. Jeff beat the crap out of the bag. One of the caribiners holding it up snapped clean in half, so the bag swung very free after that and I got to practice one of my favorite things, circling the bag at speed and raining jabs into the target.

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