Friday, March 27, 2009

Hill Sprints

I began in the gym, and did a circuit between incline presses (taken to the neck-- scary-- Iron Guru style) and one-arm standing cable pulls. Each on the 25-rep plan. Then I headed outside for sprints. I thought I might just run across the parking lot. That's when I saw it-- the tall, steep, earthen berm protecting one of the buildings from a nearby pressurized tank farm. Jeff knows the one I mean, but neither of us can post a picture because of corporate policy.

So you'll have to imagine it. It's easily over ten feet tall because it reaches as high as the building it's next to. The slope is probably between 60 and 70 degrees. It's at one end of a grass field where people sometimes play volleyball. I started at the other end, about 100 meters away, and sprinted across the field and up the hill. I had enough momentum to reach the top in four strides, I think. Then I went down the side of the hill-- the slope I came up was too steep-- and walked/jogged back to the starting point.

By the fourth time I did this, the trucker unloading cryogenic hydrogen into the tank farm was staring. I managed seven before I wasn't getting the same 'pop' to the top of the hill; then I went back inside.

Finished with supramaximal-hold on the flat bench, trying to ramp that back up to 185# again.

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