Friday, October 31, 2008

New deadlift- and spooooky abs

My apparent body double, Andy inspired me with his nice comment to the last post: I went for the glory, six plates, 315# deadlift!

Also an abs exercise that some might find amusing. I sort of made it up as I went.

Started doing situps on the steepest incline bench with a 20 lb kettlebell in each hand, held near my shoulder. I found I could not do very many with that weight static.

Then I had an idea: I threw the 'bells up and did the situp with the momentum- then put them back on my shoulders for a S L O W negative incline situp. Two sets, insane burn. Also did windmills with the 35# 'bell to work obliques. Squats and clean and jerks rounded out my terrifying Halloween workout.


  1. Richard,

    315 is beyond impressive; it is indeed inspirational. If some skinny white boy like me could even get to 225 on deadlifts, I'll be jumping for joy.

    Regarding your momentum-aided ab work outs, that got me thinking about it enabling one to use a heavier weight and really taxing the musles. Curious.

    I'll be heading to the gym tomorrow for a Erno-inspired 5x5 workout and check to see where I'm at with deadlifts. Still fine-tuning the form so that my back does not bow out during the exercise.


  2. Sick bro. You are well above 2x body weight. Very impressive. I need to step it up now. :-)