Friday, September 26, 2008

Today's Workout: I'm a 7-card stud.

Here's the draw today. I took 7 cards because 5 didn't seem like enough of a workout. I'm thinking of assigning a point value to each card, and you stop drawing when you get enough points.

3 of diamonds: 3! burpees... that seemed light so I also did 3! pushups and 3! situps
4 of hearts: 4 suicides. It's a short room so these are about 20 seconds of sprinting each.
A of clubs: "warmup" clean and jerk at 135, max at 145, failed to clean 155, then did 5x135.
10 of spades: ugh. TEN alactic reps on the bench press, 155 lb each.
Q of diamonds: 15x -30lb, 8x-20lb, 3xfull weight. Could not get that last one.
5 of spades: five alactic reps, sumo deadlift. First two at 275#, last 3 at 225#. Back was a bit sore.
8 of hearts: 8 suicides, with a 10-15 second rest between each.

The whole workout was 45 minutes - and if jacks are 11 points, queens are 12, etc. this was a 3+4+14+10+12+5+8=56 point workout.

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  1. I love the deck of cards idea. If we could come up with 13 exercises in the 4 categories that would be great. It seems you had to modify the count if you used the card value. Might be better to have it just exercised based. The randomness of this concept is really good.

    Being a code weenie, I could see writing a small application to automatically draw the cards and layout an exercise. Might be fun to do. I wonder how easy it would be to integrate into our blog pages...