Tuesday, September 9, 2008

175# and other numbers

With Jeff spotting, managed a single rep at 175 on the bench: now halfway to the goal of 185. Working the triceps has been the key, I think. Following the new PB, I did a few reps at 155 and then did 2 reps plus a negative at 165#. Not too long ago, that was the max of maxes!

Alternated back exercises with more chest and tris:
- close grip lat pulls
- sled rows (alactic method)
- incline dumbells, up to 60#
- weighted dips (+20#)
- pullups (bodyweight)
- skullcrushers (50#)
- cable pec crossovers

Chest was BURNING afterwards. I think it also helped that I have had a week off from heavy lifting, except a session of mostly clean and jerk at the JCC last Friday.

Just took my BP: it's 110/68. Remember, I got into this because at 165# body weight and exercising several days a week - including earning black belts in aikido and iaido - I had stage I hypertension (130/90). Now it's,

weight: 147# (for reference - 70.5" tall)
body fat: 8.7%
BP: 110/70

Not bad so far!

In the works: another installment of the Andy Castro story, and a method for doing a random power law workout.

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