Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah? Well it stands for "Superman" too!

I shopped for shirts at LL Bean yesterday to burn a gift card from my parents. I got two great shirts, one linen and one seersucker. And on the tags a letter I hadn't seen before: an "S".


I'm convinced this is not a case of me getting smaller, it's the world getting bigger.

Sure, I'm not a big guy. You can see my weight in the sidebar and it's not much. But I've always been a medium. There are guys smaller than me-- what the heck are they going to wear? I didn't see any "XS" on the racks.

Today's workout for the little man:

Snatches- Olympic bar: 4x95#, 4x115#, 2x120# (w00t! new best)
Flat bench: 150# plus chains. 15 reps over several sets. Last 4 were single reps.
Pullups: 25 reps over several sets, alternating with the bench press. 25# hanging from the belt.

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