Thursday, April 30, 2009

The functional swim

This week's workouts so far:

Monday: fencing
Tuesday : olympic lifting 10x barbell snatches at 115#: 12x clean and jerk at 135# with some high pulls thrown in
Wednesday: Big 5 with Jeff: getting stronger and holding longer

Today: a new thing- swimming. I found out that my membership at Albany JCC gives me privileges at the Schenectady J, so I went. Did 10x25 yards each in freestyle and breaststroke, for 500 yards total.

I did these as fast as I could manage, sometimes 25 and sometimes 50 yards at a time. Thing is, I don't really know how to swim well so I am probably using a lot more energy than I need to and not activating all the muscles I could. I'll thrash around in the pool for a bit longer and see what I can learn on my own, then maybe get a coaching session somehow.

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